24. 5. 2021, WEBREDAKTOR

We are open and expanding residential services. Pay attention to current information.

You will only be able to enter the branches with your nose and mouth covered using a veil, scarf, or shawl. It will be necessary to follow other hygiene rules. For example, hand disinfection at the entrance or two-meter spacing between people.

An overview of the most important changes

  • You can borrow, return, pick up reservations, choose books of your choice and sit with a book for a while.
  • You can Use fixed internet stations for 15 minutes.
  • The number of visitors in the library is limited by the rule of 1 person to 15 m2.
  • New reservations can still be entered by phone.
  • We still offer events and readings online, and we are slowly renewing physical events in the halls of the Central Library.

Return the books, borrow and sit for a while

You can borrow, return, pick up reservations, choose books of your choice. We regulate the number of visitors in the branches. You can use fixed internet stations. Computers with internet at the branches are intended for registered readers for 15 minutes. Attention! At some branches, the number of computers with the Internet may be limited. The opportunity to sit down with a book for a while also returns to the branches.

Watch the current opening hours at The central library is accessible only by the main entrance from Mariánské náměstí, the side entrance from Valentinská Street serves as barrier-free access for the disabled or parents with prams.