Internet on library computers

Internet connection is free for members and visitors to the library. A member of the library can reserve one hour per week. For reservation you must have a valid library card and you must have paid off any liabilities (for example, late charges, books not returned etc.). If you are not a member of the library, you can use the internet for 30 minutes if it is not being used by a registered member. The computers are centrally protected by an antivirus program. You can use your own USB flashdisks. You can work with files in the program Open Office or print according to the library’s pricelist.


You can use Wi-Fi free of charge at all branches. To do this you will need your own notebook or pocket computer with a Wi-Fi card. Procedure:

  • find and connect up to the Wi-Fi network with the name beginning “municipal library” (networks with other names are not operated by the library and are not intended for our service)