23. 1. 2020, WEBREDAKTOR

Libraries have kept human knowledge for a long time, but modern libraries add something extra. The contemporary world, full of a large amount of information, can appear as a confusing labyrinth. Our library wants to be a safe guide to such a labyrinth in 2020.

We informally teach and educate

We will introduce you to new technologies, deepen your information literacy. In the library, we will allow you to travel to distant landscapes for your favorite lectures on this topic. You will meet literature, reflect on current social issues, or try out various creative workshops. We offer a wide range of options: from sewing courses, storytelling, creative writing to 3D printing modeling.

For 2020 we expect a great innovation, you have future handicrafts and do-it-yourself activities that you can control in the branche of Jezerka or in the special branch DOK 16 on the Smíchov side of the river bed. Saws and hammers with you! However, we are preparing a special basement modern technology, which is waiting in the Central Library.

Last year, we introduced a breakthrough change in book lending using RFID technology – the so-called self-service lending. Borrow your books yourself so librarians can focus more on your needs and questions. We gradually introduce self-service lending to all our branches.

We guide you through the information labyrinth

Our library is an important partner for schools, to whom we prepare various programs tailored to their school curriculum. We operate not only as a gateway to the world of information, but above all as a reliable guide, with which you will not get lost. As we like to say: “Ask a search engine when you are looking for specific information; ask the librarians if you're not sure what you're looking for. ”

The project of Czech libraries against misinformation is Verified. Through the deFacto workshop we offer pupils and students the basics of media self-defense. In 2020 we want to transform the methodology for a senior workshop in cooperation with other organizations. If you are interested in a topic, let us know and we will be happy to prepare a demonstration lesson.

We offer a safe public space from which open and proven journeys of knowledge lead. We believe that we will meet them together