16. 2. 2022, WEBREDAKTOR

A virtual alternative to the plastic reader's card.

What is a virtual library card

A virtual card is a portable barcode that you can use instead of a physical card (MLP card, “Lítačka“ card, ISIC, In Karta). You can use the virtual card to access all of our services. You can loan books and other documents, use study spaces, book computers for Internet access or work in shared workshops. You can share the virtual card with other people and give them access to the library's basic service – loaning books, including picking up your completed book reservations. You can set up your virtual card in My account.

You can then save the virtual card as a PNG image virtually anywhere (Google Drive, Photos, send via WhatsApp, Messenger), or leave it on the site and use it directly from there (click the barcode image to enlarge). Alternatively, from our MLP app. Tip! As the ID number of the virtual card is long, we recommend choosing a nickname for this purpose.

Pay attention to safety

You can create an unlimited number of virtual cards, and you can set any validity period for them. You also generate your own unique PIN for each virtual card.

Attention! The owner of the reader's account is responsible for all liabilities incurred by the use of the virtual card, not the person who used the virtual card on behalf of the owner. A virtual card logged into the loaning/returning device allows access to a listing of all book loans. Never share your reader's account password with anyone.

Instructions for creating a virtual card

  • Click on the “View" button in the “Card" section.
  • In the “My Cards" section, click the red “Create a new virtual card" sign.
  • Read the important notice and, if you agree, click on “Agree".
  • You set your username, validity period and PIN for the virtual card. Then click the “Confirm" button. Good to know: If you do not change the validity period, it will be the same as the validity of your membership. Likewise, if you do not enter a PIN, the current PIN for your account will be used for the card as well.
  • You will receive a “Card has been successfully created“ message and your new virtual card is ready to be used.
  • In the cards section, in addition to “physical" cards, all virtual cards will also be displayed. You can then download them in PNG format as an image. You can edit them and block them if needed. Attention! Unblocking is only possible at one of our branches or via a ZOOM video call, which is possible from Monday to Friday, from 3 PM to 8 PM. In both cases, you will be asked to provide a proof of identity.

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  • Are you a reader? My account provides a complete overview of your reader's cards and many more. You can check your loans, bookings, view loans history, and create and manage book lists. You can also create a list of events that you are interested in and make a cash deposit. To do so: Just log in on our website.
  • Not a reader yet? You can also sign up online. The fee for adults is CZK 60 per year. Children under the age of 15, seniors over the age of 70 and people with a TP, ZTP or ZTP/P cards can use the library free of charge. The reader's card is valid in of all our branches.