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What's in store for the library in 2024? Virtual reality and Franz Kafka.

A selection of expectations and plans is presented in the traditional New Year summary. Prague has announced a competition for the post of Director. The current director Tomáš Řehák, whose current six-year term of office has ended, has decided to defend his position. Tomáš Řehák has been the head of the Municipal Library in Prague (MKP) since 2002.

Understanding media and technology

Also in 2024, libraries will act as guides through the pitfalls and troubled waters of the media world. The theme will also appear in a broader context in the programme of the conference Into the Black, which will focus on deepening (dis)trust between people, in the system, institutions and democracy. The conference will take place on 22 January 2024 at the Central Library.

The library will continue to explore technologies that fundamentally impact society. This includes virtual reality, which will allow the services and building of the Central Library to be brought into an environment where it is accessible to those who would not be able to physically visit. The second objective of the project supported by EEA Grants is to introduce the technology to the general public.

The library is also actively exploring the possibilities of using artificial intelligence, with areas of interest such as book acquisition, writing literary texts and preparing programmes for the public.



With the opening of a branch in the Velký mlýn in July 2023, the number of branches of the Prague City Library has grown to 46 plus two bibliobuses. Especially in the outskirts of Prague, local libraries established by the respective municipality offer their services. The long-term aim is to link the libraries into a functional network of so-called Metropolitan libraries, which will one day enable people to use the services of libraries of different founders (Prague and municipal districts).

Although 2024 does not foresee the opening of any new branches, a lot will be happening in preparation. Preparatory work will continue on the Černý Most (Prague 14) branch project, which should be located in a multifunctional building in Černý Most. The construction should be completed in 2025.

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The writer Franz Kafka died a hundred years ago in June 1924. The library cannot miss the Kafka Centenary commemoration and the outreach will be international thanks to the collaboration of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature network. Prague is part of the network thanks to the Prague City of Literature project, which will also be responsible for coordinating the capital's involvement in the ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network). This is a safety net of cities that offer creative and living asylum to authors whose freedom is threatened in their home countries. The cooperation between Prague and ICORN is expected to be signed in spring 2024.


Fotography of Franz Kafka: AnonymousUnknown author (see File:Kafka.jpg), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.