How does it work? 

Do you need access to old prints for study purposes? Order their digitisation in our library. We only digitise documents from the MLP collection that are no longer protected by copyright law and that have not been digitised before. Simply pick a title from our catalogue and place an order. We will then email you a digital image of the original document in PDF. The digitised document is for your personal use, and after six months, MLP will make it available for others in the digital library. 

How to do it 

You can order digitisation using the form on the website or directly from the selected titles, where you will find the digitisation order option. We will digitise the document within 14 days. Once payment has been credited to our account, we will email you a link to download the document. You can pay at any MLP branch, online by credit card or bank transfer. The bank details are listed in your reader's account. 

If you are not our member, please create an online membership or send your order to Just provide the title of the document and its number from the catalogue. 

Service payment  
Custom digitization for one scanned page CZK 5
Preparation charge CZK 200