How to obtain membership?

Would you like to become a member of our library? It's simple! Just visit us at any of our branches and bring an ID card or other identification document issued by an EU member state.

  • Children under the age of 15 are free of charge.
  • The registration fee for adults is CZK 60 per registration with the “Lítačka” card or + CZK 20 for a reader's card.
  • The holders of ZTP / ZTP-P and people over the age of 70 are free of charge.
  • A registration for a legal entity (institution) for each person of the institution is 80 CZK.

Member over 15 years of age

  • CZK 60 per registration with the Lítačka and ISIC cards or + CZK 20 for the reader's card
  • Filled in application form.
  • Identity card or other identity document issued by an EU Member State.
  • You can also register online HERE . Attention! The online registration process is in Czech language, but with basic knowledge it can be done. Thank you for your understanding. Detailed information on e-registration can be found HERE.

Membership Application Form for readers over 15 [PDF, 511 kB]

Member under 15 years of age

  • Filled in application signed by a legal representative.
  • Identity card (e.g. Lítačka, school card, passport; the document must include name, surname, date of birth, photo).
  • If you do not have your own identity card yet, it is necessary that a representative (or guarantor) comes in the library with you and brings his/her identity card.

Membership Application Form for readers younger 15 [PDF, 515 kB]

Citizen of the European Union

As a citizen of the European Union, present yourself with ID card when you enrol in the library. The identity document may be the ID card, Identity Card, passport or driving license issued by an EU Member State. At the same time, you must submit a completed and signed application to the library and pay a registration fee of 60 CZK for admission with the „Lítačka“ card or + 20 CZK for a reader's card.

Membership Application Form for readers over 15 [PDF, 511 kB]

Citizens of other states

As citizens of other countries outside the EU, you can become a member of the library on the basis of proof of residence in the Czech Republic (e.g. residence permit). If you cannot prove your stay, you can sign up based on a deposit or a guarantor. To do so you need to:

  • submit an identity document and deposit instalment of CZK 1,000
  • or submit an identity document and request the presence of a guarantor who meets the conditions for enrolment for the library. At the same time, you will fill in and sign the application to the library and pay the registration fee of CZK 60 for the annual registration period for 12 months and CZK 20 for the reader's card. (In addition, in the case of a deposit with an extra instalment of CZK 1,000).

Verification of registration with deposit and guarantor [PDF, 154 kB]

Legal person (institution)

A legal person submits an application form of a legal person signed by the statutory body or head of organisational unit of the company or other authorised person. In the application form one person to whom the library issues the library card must be designated. A document concerning the existence of the legal person or location of the organisational unit in a company in the Czech Republic is an essential annex to the application form.

What you pay for How much does it cost
Online registration for one year Free
Completion of registration at the branch for 1 year for adults 60 CZK
Library card of the Municipal Library in Prague 20 CZK

Documents to download