As a registered reader, you can use online databases from the comfort of your home, office or school. Remote access requires a valid library registration, online membership is also sufficient. To log in to the database, just fill in your username (ID number or nickname) and password.

EBSCO: Academic Search Complete

The database contains full text articles from various branches of science available for download. An extensive archive of journals, magazines, monographs and newspaper. Natural sciences and humanities, economics, etc.


Access to full texts from newspapers and magazines. Over 2000 titles from 100 countries in 60 languages. When it comes to foreign newspaper, you can find there for example The Washington Post, Daily Mail, El País, or Forbes and Vogue when it comes to magazines.

Alexander Street Press: Music Online

A unique resource for music fans offering a playlist of rare recordings as well as a well of factual information and sheet music. The music section includes the largest online jazz collection, world music and classical music. The factual sections includes an encyclopaedia of traditional and regional music and over 50,000 scores and reference literature.